In a family of unsuccessful musicians, Amanda has the best voice, but the worst motivation, and even though she likes to sing, she feels that music is not her thing… She sees the world with shapes and colors, with textures, with fabrics and threads… Amanda loves to design fashion, but only her friends Belly and Linda understand and share her excitement for creating outfits.

But at an event where Amanda is totally caught between family tradition and what she dreams of doing, a moment of inspiration arrives, when she and her companions turn songs into visual spectacles that unite notes, sounds, images and Fashion…

Amanda, with the help of her inseparable friends, manages to unite the music she has known since she was little with the talent she has always had… And now together, they have created something surprising and innovative… Amanda, Belly and Linda sing amazing and look Unique… Different! … Spectacular!

They have discovered themselves and now they have a message to share on networks with every boy or girl in the world and make it viral: “You can look wonderful @ being as you are”