Fantastic!! Awesome!! Fabulous!! That’s how their songs say and that’s how they live their life Cici and Cori, the two Latin girls enjoying their adolescence in the entertaining life of a great American city. After the divorce of their parents, these restless sisters left their native country a long time ago to move in with their mother (Martha) and thus live the famous “American dream”, but more than living it they are enjoying it, wasting luxuries, wearing the best brands and making a presence at major events and youth parties. They see themselves as a mixture of “Kardashians” and Taylor Swift of Latin origin (although from “Latin America” ​​they only want the origin and nothing more)… And it is that “a touch” is good to be interesting, but they, like their mother, are American citizens, their friends are American and their world is in Spanglish with “Youtube”, “Spotify”, “Tik Tok” and “Gucci”… and not with beans, tacos and guacamole as you would like her dad to go, but luckily he stayed in a small rural town, far away from his glamorous life.