• Genre: Musical teen drama
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 15
  • Duration: 60'

A SOMOS Productions and Onceloops production.

Malducadas is based on the story of 4 young girls united by the love of music and the opposition of their parents to fulfill that vocation. Gegé, Majo, Cony and Jazz, after having problems at school, are sent to a camp. What should be a space of spirituality and reunion with themselves, ends up being a dark place, where danger and mystery hide in every corner. The girls face experiences by meeting friends and revealing secrets, but united by a common feeling: the love of music. This passion for the music will be the true element that connects them with the most important values, the importance of dedication, friendship and love; and it will lead to a musical contest where talent will be the deciding factor of the winning band.