Disney+ Picks Up Musical Teen Drama For LatAm

Disney+ Picks Up Musical Teen Drama For LatAm

February 23, 2022

The first two seasons of @Ginayei from Somos Productions and Piñolywood Studios will launch exclusively on the SVOD in the region.

Disney + has acquired exclusive streaming rights in Latin America to both seasons (24 x 60 minutes) of Somos Productions’ musical series @Ginayei.

The fictional teen drama centers around aspiring Latin and Reggaeton songwriter Gina, and the experiences she has at a prestigious Caribbean music school. Miami-based Somos and Puerto Rico’s Piñolywood Studios are co-producing the show, but there’s information available yet about when it will premiere on the SVOD.

Disney+ launched in Latin America on November 17 last year. At the time, Variety reported that it had more than 70 original projects in various stages of development and production in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, including Non-Stop’s kids cooking series Arnoldo’s Restaurant and Telecolombia’s preschool puppet show Opa Popa Dupa.