Somos Productions

Hasta que te conocí

  • Genre: Biographical Series
  • Episodes: 14
  • Duration: 60'


Produced by Juan Gabriel in collaboration with SOMOS Productions and Disney Media Distribution.”Hasta que te conocí” (“Until I Met You”) will trace the life of Alberto Aguilera Valadez also known as “Juan Gabriel”. This series follows the steps of “Juan Gabriel” towards his dream of fame. A tour of 14 episodes based on unpublished testimonials that are revealed like never before. A story that tells us how Alberto Aguilera Valadez and his talent led him to defy fate and overcome poverty, betrayals and prejudices.Cast: Julián Román, Dolores Heredia, Irán Castillo, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Verónica Merchant, Gabriela Roel, Marco Treviño, María Rojo, Verónica Langer.


Hasta que te conocí