Somos Productions




Monday February 25th, 2019

The project will have established and new pan-regional figures as well as the Mexican Samantha Siqueros ( Along Came Love and Como Dice el Said ), Maite Embil , niece of the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo and known for her participation in Who’s Who? and Voltea Para Que Te Enamores , and Stefano Ollivier , who makes his television debut with this series; the Venezuelans Josette Vidal ( Toni La Chef ), Angela Rincon ( Grachi and Toni the Chef ), Yul Burkel (Silvana Sin Lana ) and Ana Karina Manco ( The Perfect Woman ); the Colombian Vanessa Blandon ( Isa TKM , Vampire Girl ) and the Argentinean actor Saúl Lisazo ( Señorita Pólvora ), among others. It will be recorded at Viacom International Studios (VIS), Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Americas production center, and at external locations throughout Miami, Florida.
“Nickelodeon has always been innovative in its content covering different genres and arguments in its youth series,” said Tatiana Rodriguez , SVP of Nickelodeon Group Americas. ‘Formula A is an unprecedented story for Nick’s screen that tells the story of two charismatic and courageous karting pilots who live their lives to the limit. Undoubtedly, the plot and the aesthetics of the series will offer a fresh look at this genre and will captivate our audience in Latin America.

Produced by Somos Productions for Nickelodeon Latin America and created by Eduardo Jiménez-Pons , the series gives a new fun twist to the story of Romeo and Juliet, taking her to the race track of Ciudad del Este, where Max and Victoria compete and fall in love despite the rivalry between their two families. Both run as they are; Max is a serious and methodical boy, while Victoria is impulsive and naughty. On the track they are rivals, but outside of it they are inseparable. It’s a dangerous sport, but the real danger is falling in love with your competition.

The production seeks to lean on the growing interest of automotive sports such as Formula 1 and Nascar, and especially karting, which has gained popularity among children due to its high speed and adrenaline sensation.