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Successful Premiere for Hasta que te conocí

Successful Premiere for Hasta que te conocí

Monday February 18th, 2019

After months of waiting, this Monday was finally the day: the premiere of Hasta que te conocí took place on TNT for all of Latin America with a double episode, acclaimed by both critics and viewers.
The bioseries’ premiere was also available online through TNT Go, and its premiere in Mexico and the US through Azteca and Telemundo, respectively, has already been confirmed.
There will be 13 episodes in total, premiering once each Monday, telling the story of the renowned Mexican musician Juan Gabriel. He is played by six different characters, representing each stage of his eventful life.
In these first two episodes, the series started with his parents’ wedding, his childhood, his family’s first struggles with his father’s mental issues, the social stigma, the economic woes and the move to Juarez City.
“With Hasta que te conocí, I discovered a fascinating biography, a great example of life, something to really enjoy and discuss,” said the renowned Mexican critic Álvaro Cueva. “If I used to like Juan Gabriel, now I love him,” he added.
Down this same line, several viewers expressed their opinions on social networks using the hashtag #HastaQueTeConoci and didn’t stop commenting during the first two episodes.
“Beautiful, captivating story of @soyjuangabriel is a really great job. Like everything that has to do with him, it shines,” said one of the series’ viewers. “#HastaQueTeConoci is an excellent series about the great @soyjuangabriel,” said another one.
The 13-episode series also demanded a notable production, shot in over 100 locations in Mexico and the US, with the work of more than 3,000 actors and extras.
In total, seven decades of story will be told, between the late 1920s until 1990, with Juan Gabriel’s concert at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.
The six actors playing Juan Gabriel are: Nohek Yoali (ages 2 to 4), Ricardo Zertuche (4 to 6); Matías del Castillo (7 to 12); Alejandro Flores (13 to 16); Carlos Yorvick (17 to 20); and Colombian Julián Román (20 to 40).
The series will end with a special episode in which Juan Gabriel will share his story himself.
Hasta que te conocí is produced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America, SOMOS Productions and BTF Media.

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