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Meet the Cast of Telemundo’s New Biopic SerieS “Hasta que te Conocí

Meet the Cast of Telemundo’s New Biopic SerieS “Hasta que te Conocí

Monday February 18th, 2019

This incredible production follows the steps of Alberto Aguilera Valadéz throughout his dream to fame; in an autobiographical journey from his birth based on unpublished testimonials that tell, as never seen before, the life of Mexico’s musical legend, Juan Gabriel, also known as “El Divo de Juarez.” For the first time ever, viewers will discover the man BEHIND THE MUSIC and the human aspect of the music star who conquered the hearts of audiences from around the world. SNEAK PEEK:

For the production of “Hasta Que Te Conocí,” six actors played Juan Gabriel throughout the four phases of the series, in addition to featuring renowned actress Dolores Heredia, who brings to life Victoria Aguilera, Juan Gabriel’s mother, alongside an amazing cast.

Below is the cast of “Hasta Que Te Conocí”:

Dolores Heredia plays Victoria Aguilera Valadez, a poor girl from a small town who refuses to settle for a marriage of convenience and will sacrifice anything to be with her one true love: Gabriel Aguilera. But life’s difficulties become too much for this happy, determined dreamer, to the point that she abandons her youngest son, Alberto, in the hope of giving him a better life. Little does she know that her decision will lead him on a constant search to find and reinvent himself as Juan Gabriel, the most famous and beloved singer songwriter in the Spanish-speaking world.

Julián Roman plays Juan Gabriel during his 20s and 40s, in the stage of life when he starts living from his own music by BECOMING a popular singer around the world; not suffering from hunger; he starts gaining recognition in the music industry by opening doors but also facing the dark side of fame.

Carlos Yorvick plays Juan Gabriel from 17 to 20 years old, in this adolescence phase where Alberto faces poverty, having a tough life and working hard to become a popular singer.
Alejandro Flores plays Juan Gabriel from 13 to 16 years old. Known for many U.S. Hispanic TV viewers as Frijolito, the famous child from TELEMUNDO’s TELENOVELA “Amor Mío,” Alejandro brings to life the teenage years of Alberto when new opportunities appear to the young singer taking his first and most difficult decisions for the rest of his life.

Matias del Castillo plays Juan Gabriel from 7 to 12 years old. Growing up in his enclosure, Alberto forges an identity and is willing to defend it by taking refuge in music.

Ricardo Zertuche plays Juan Gabriel from 4 to 6 years old. An unexpected turn in his life, takes Alberto to a world of loneliness.

Nohek Yoali plays Juan Gabriel from 2 to 4 years old. Since an early age, Alberto felt denied and abandoned by his own family.

Pablo Azar plays Gabriel (young Juan Gabriel’s father). A young man who conquers Victoria with his great personality and whose goal is to make her happy for the rest of her life.