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Nickelodeon Latin America To Premiere “Vikki RPM” In July 2017

Nickelodeon Latin America To Premiere “Vikki RPM” In July 2017

Monday February 25th, 2019

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) will start to premiere and show Vikki RPM, the networks brand-new teen drama series inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet that follows two kart racers who fall in love despite their families’ rivalry, in July (Julio) 2017!:

Vikki RPM gives a fun new twist to the story of Romeo y Julieta, taking it to the race track of Ciudad del Este, where Max and Victoria compete and fall in love despite the rivalry between their two families. Both run as they are; Max is a serious and methodical boy, while Victoria is impulsive and mischievous. On the track they are rivals, but outside the world of go-karting, they are inseparable. It is a dangerous sport, but the real danger lies in falling in love with your opponent. Vikki RPM will be shot entirely on location in Miami with Latin American talent.

Based on an original idea by Eduardo Jiménez-Pons and produced by Somos Productions for Nickelodeon Latinoamérica, Vikki RPM is being filmed at Viacom International Studios (VIS), the production hub for Viacom International Media Networks Americas, and on location in several areas in Miami. The series is being written by Catharina Ledeboer (GrachiTalia in the KitchenI Am FrankieEvery Witch WayW.I.Ts AcademyIsa TKM), Lara Martínez and Rocio Lara (SkimoPlaza SésamoWaking Up with You).

Vikki RPM (60 x 60′) will star established and new pan-regional actors, including: Samantha Siqueros (Along Came LoveComo Dice el Dicho) as Vikki, Maite Embil (¿Quién es Quién?Voltea pa’ que te enamores), the niece of famed Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Paulo Quevedo (Una Maid en ManhattanLocos Y Peligrosos), and Stefano Ollivier (Estefano Ollivier), who will make his TV debut with the series, from Mexico; Josette Vidal (winner of two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards blimps for her role as ‘Sara Fuccinelli’ in Toni La Chef), Angela Rincón (GrachiToni la Chef), Yul Burkel (Silvana Sin Lana), Scarlet Gruber (El Desconocido: aka El Cholo) as Scarlet Gruber, and Ana Karina Manco (La Mujer Perfecta) from Venezuela; Vanessa Blandon (Isa TKMChica Vampiro) from Colombia, as well as Leo Deluglio and renowned actor Saúl Lisazo (Señorita Pólvora) from Argentina.